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Black 21Ltr Office Bag Classic

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Laptop Bag with cycle rack mounting
Office Bag Classic Black

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  • Office Bag Classic Black
The Office-Bag is mounted onto all standard racks with a max. diameter of 16mm. The QL2 rail is fixed diagonally and can be rotated to the left or right for increased heel clearance during pedalling. For changing the rail from the left to the right side, you simply remove the outer screws of the bar, rotate the rail, and fix the screws again. The lower anchoring hook serves for securing the bag, and keeps it in place. Please store the shoulder strap prior to biking. Further details: _organizer in A4 (legal size) format with cell phone sleeve, key ring and numerous pockets _edge protection at lower rear corners _bottom feet _handle _reflectors on left and right side
Height (cm) 30
Depth (cm) 17
Width (cm) 40
Volume (Ltr.) 21
Weight (grams) 1600
Material PD 620 / PD 620C
IP Standard Dust Rating 6
IP Standard Waterproof Rating 4
Dustproof ClassificationsWaterproof Classifications
IP5 Dust
protected against dust, slight penetration of dust possible IP3 Water
protected against spray water (max. 60° to the vertical)
IP6 Dust
dust proof, no penetration of dust IP4 Water

protected against splash water coming from all directions
  IP7 Water
protected against penetration of water during temporary immersion
depth: 1 meter/39 inch (lower edge of product), duration: 3 minutes